Rahbar Virk

I work primarily in representation theory, with a bias for topological and geometric methods.



Miscellaneous articles
(not intended for `official' publication)

Incomplete/scratch work

  • The Hodge conjecture is trivial in equivariant geometry
    Some silliness related to the preprint `Chow groups and equivariant geometry'.
  • Basic observation: alternate proof
  • Sheaf theoretic Kunneth
  • Summands of Bott-Samelson motives
  • Cohomology of homogeneous varieties is Tate
  • Equivariant nearby cycles [unstable]
  • Misc. discussion around smooth base change and induction equivalence
  • Discussion around smooth morphisms and the equivariant derived category
    This is related to the equivariant part of `On Euler-Poincare characteristics' above.
  • Discussion around the cohomology of the complement of a normal crossings divisor
  • Notes on motivic models for category O
  • Some geometric facets of the Langlands correspondence for real groups
    This is an ugly version of its namesake above. The primary difference is that appropriate changes (technical and linguistic) are made so that the arguments work both in the setting of mixed Hodge modules and mixed l-adic sheaves. There are some interesting questions (related to `Frobenius semisimplicity') that arise in the l-adic setting. There is no discussion of convolution, the Hecke algebra, or formality in this version.
  • Projective functors and free pro-unipotent sheaves
  • Computing extensions between sheaves (a la Beilinson-Ginzburg-Soergel)

  • Notes from conferences/workshops

    Notes from various talks

    Notes for/from courses

    Some notes that I wrote as a student (graduate and undergraduate) can be found here.

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